C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorisim):

Unicargo is currently approved from U.S. Customs to participate in the C-TPAT Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) Program as an air and Ocean Consolidator. C-TPAT is a joint Government - Business initiative to build cooperative relationships that will strengthen overall supply chain and border security.  

In order for us to remain C-TPAT compliant it is a requirement that we ensure that each step of our supply chain have security procedures in place. This includes our overseas partners, their service providers and our local service providers here in the U.S.A. This is where we need your cooperation. Unless each part of the supply chain has security measures in plase that cover procedural security, physical security, personnel security, education and training, access controls, manifest procedures and conveyance security, our global supply chain will have weaknesses. Therefore the partners we use to provide trucking, warehousing, crating, transportation, storage, etc., must have their own physical and procedural security procedures in place. For those who do not, we will not be able to use your service for our customers who require C-TPAT approved vendors. This is the direction that the global trade community is heading. Thank you for your cooperation, Unicargo Express Inc. For further information regarding C-TPAT, Please visit U.S. Customs website at:  


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